We at Mudhra Trends promote natural fabrics like Cotton, Silk, Silk Cotton, Linen and Jute. This focus on natural fabric comes with lot of research on the properties of these fabrics and their impact on our body. The properties of synthetic materials typically start with minor discomfort or irritation to our body causing major skin diseases and even cancer. Hence this idea of conscious use of natural fabric.

The ultimate goal is to go the organic mode. But we are taking it one step at a time. Below are some of the fabrics that we promote.


Chanderi Silk / Cotton – As the name suggests and per the modern history, this fabric originates from the place ‘Chanderi’ in MadhyaPradesh. Chanderi is a fabric made usually out of Silk / Chanderi Cotton. It is very light in weight and has a sheer shine. This characteristic makes it ideal for sarees.

Ancient references suggest that the Chanderi Silk might have been in existence right from the Vedic periodic. Its usual motifs are coins, peacocks and other natural art forms that the weavers derive their inspirations from. Weavers usually coat these motifs with gold/silver/copper dust. Though these traditional motifs are elegant, the current day innovation has ledto fusion of different styles on Chanderi. We have our traditional Bagru hand block printing done on Chanderi silk cotton that gives a top notch look for formal wear sarees. The innovation doesn’t stop just there. We are also exploring Shibori dyeing and other types of printing on Chanderi fabric. Our current exploration of Ajrakh dyeing on Chanderi has got us even more excited. More fusion on its way…


Linen is a natural fabric obtained from Flax plant. Linen was primarily in use in ancient Europe. It is believed that Linen was used as currency during ancient times in Europe. In India, Linen is mostly obtained from Bhagalpur, Bihar. Linen when compared to Cotton has more strength. As Linen fabric ages, it tends to become softer and shinier. Linen is more expensive than Cotton as the processing involved for Linen is a lot more complex compared to Cotton.

Another interesting fact about Linen is that it starts to shine only after about three years. This fabric is used in both men’s wear and women’s wear. Here again, the innovation and idea of fusion in recent days plays an important role in fashion. We have special fabrics “Linen Cotton” and “Linen Silk” being created. The Linen Cotton gives that extra soft comfort that you get from Cotton and is also a bit less expensive compared to pure Linen. “Linen Silk” is an exquisite innovation of mixing Linen and Silk to get that extra shine and extra grandeur. This fabric is more expensive compared to pure Linen. The elegant Jamdani (embroidery) thread work on Linen Silk makes it an ideal party wear. Our latest exploration is having authentic Pen kalamkari painted on pure linen saree. Can’t wait to see where this takes us…

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