Ancient Fashion

August 16, 2020

Fashion…what do you think of this word? Google dada says it’s a popular style. So what was it like in the past? Do you remember seeing all those royal paintings in the palace or museum? Or even the show cases that displays saree or jewellery of the Maharani? This is a great proof that our ancestors had great passion for style. All our indigenous weaves and fabrics were the ones adorned by our queens. We also can observe that there was significant importance given to the ornaments of the royals. So let’s be proud that our history is rich in fashion and our own kings and queens were our first Fashion icons!!!

Did you know India led the fashion world in the 16th and 17th centuries through cotton fabric, design motifs, and its customer-centric market system?
The key to India’s leadership of the early modern fashion world was cotton. Male and female artisans produced yarn and fabric—soft, finely-woven, colourful, painted, and printed. Savvy merchants sold it from Africa to Northeast Asia. Motifs of Hindu figures and indigenous Indian flowers became symbols of beauty and quality in Africa, Asia, and, somewhat later, in Europe and the American colonies.

There are even more interesting theories on the evolution of sarees and other ethnic wear we have as of today. Would be interesting to have it in our next blog.

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